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in Russia Ukraine and Kazakhstan

JSC "Radian Plant" was established in 1968 by order of the Minister of Electronic Industry No. 322, with the aim of increasing the output of deflecting systems and transformers of TVS type on the basis of the one in operation since September, Shop of branch # 4 of the Stavropol transformer plant.

In the future, it was renamed the "Alexandrovsky branch of the Izumrud plant, and since 1992, after corporatization and transformation - into an open joint-stock company. Received the name of JSC "Plant" Radian ".

At present, JSC "Plant" Radian ".

Initially, the company was focused on the production of transformers, both domestic and special purpose.

In the mid-1970s, Rostselmash began to develop a new combine harvester, the Don 1500. According to his technical task, we have mastered practically the entire range of electronic sensors required for this combine.

Since then, and up to the present, we have provided Rostselmash and other combine plants, as well as plants for the production of agricultural machinery in Russia and CIS countries, and electronic sensors.

To survive in the difficult 90's began to produce consumer goods - electric meat grinders, table lamps, floor, wall, hair comb "Youth", welding transformers for household use.

The main innovative direction of our company's activity in the last year is the development and production of electronic seed control systems.

During its existence, the plant has never stopped production. The specialists of the enterprise constantly modernize and improve the produced products.


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