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JSC "Radian Plant" was established in 1968 by order of the Minister of Electronic Industry No. 322, with the aim of increasing the output of deflecting systems and transformers of TVS type on the basis of the one in operation since September, Shop of branch # 4 of the Stavropol transformer plant. 

In the future, it was renamed the "Alexandrovsky branch of the Izumrud plant, and since 1992, after corporatization and transformation - into an open joint-stock company. Received the name of JSC "Plant" Radian ".

At present, JSC "Plant" Radian ".

Initially, the company was focused on the production of transformers, both domestic and special purpose.

In the mid-1970s, Rostselmash began to develop a new combine harvester, the Don 1500. According to his technical task, we have mastered practically the entire range of electronic sensors required for this combine.

Since then, and up to the present, we have provided Rostselmash and other combine plants, as well as plants for the production of agricultural machinery in Russia and CIS countries, and electronic sensors.

To survive in the difficult 90's began to produce consumer goods - electric meat grinders, table lamps, floor, wall, hair comb "Youth", welding transformers for household use.

The main innovative direction of our company's activity in the last year is the development and production of electronic seed control systems.

During its existence, the plant has never stopped production. The specialists of the enterprise constantly modernize and improve the produced products.


Directions of production activities

Currently, JSC "Plant" Radian" has several independent areas of production activity:

- production of electronic sensors for various purposes and performance:

- production of SKIF and SARMAT seeding control systems for various sowing complexes and seeders, including using an agronavigator and a system for remote monitoring of sowing complexes

- production of coil products - transformers, chokes, inductors for various purposes, including on toroidal cores. The thickness of the wire used is from 0.017 to 2 mm. Coating and casting of coil products with EZK-7, PK-68 compounds. Impregnation with various varnishes, including in a vacuum

- production of aluminum coaxial chimneys Ø 60/100 mm, exhaust aluminum extension pipes Ø 80 mm and accessories for gas wall-mounted heating boilers

- provision of services for the assembly of various products on the KD customers:  


Company management

On June 17, 2010, Bogoslovskiy Alexander Valeryevich was appointed General Director of JSC "Radian Plant" by order No. 22-ok according to the results of the meeting (Minutes No. 3 of 17.06.10).

It was at the initiative of Alexander Valerevich, who had held the post of deputy economics director since 2002, that the enterprise significantly expanded its trading base and mastered new areas of activity.




Today the company employs about 200 people. The plant retained almost all the infrastructure divisions that were in the factory during its dawn.

The enterprise has all the necessary technologies for a full cycle of production of quality products, including its design development. At the plant there are sections for aluminum casting, injection molding, assembly areas, winding and surface mounting.










The plant includes:

- Blanking shop as part of the punching site, plastic processing section (both casting and pressing), aluminum casting,

- Tool area, which almost completely provides production needs in technological equipment and accessories,

- Assembly shop - consisting of two sections - for the production of transformers and for the production of electronic equipment,

- OTK with a testing station. No product leaves the enterprise without the employees checking this service,

- Department of new technology, which performs the functions of the chief designer department and is responsible for the development of new products.

At the enterprise there is an energy-mechanical division, the chief metrologist, and all the other services that rely on the enterprise-production, commercial, economic.










The quality of the products is carefully controlled at all stages of production. The enterprise has implemented and operates a quality management system that meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008)

"Gold fund" of the enterprise

During its existence, the plant has never stopped production. Competent specialists constantly modernize, improve products in order to improve the quality and expand the functionality. 

Over the entire history of the plant, more than 14,000 people took part in the production.

Every year students of higher and secondary special schools pass industrial practice on the territory of the plant. Some of them remain with us to work. We always welcome good specialists. It should be noted that the company always has doors for engineering engineers with higher technical education.