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Sensors for combines harvesters

Nowadays JSC Radian Factory produces electronic sensors of different modifications and purposes:

  • rotation sensors, non-contact inductive (ПрП))

  • combined position and rotation sensors – inductive (ДО, ДМ), differentiated on Hall effect (ДО, ДМ)

  • generator sensors –piezoelectric sensors of grain losses (ДПЗП)

  • signaling sensors of level – ultrasonic (ДУЗ), optical  (ДФА) and electro-mechanic reed sensors of bulky material (ДУГ) or liquid (ДМУГ)

For more than 40 years JSC Zavod Radian  has been supplying the sensors to combine harvesters’ producer Rostselmash LLC. The enterprise can develop the analogues of these sensors under individual order and Customer’s technical requirements.