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Block of diodes


Block of diodes БД-1, БД-2, БД-5



  • The blocks of diodes are designed for using in the electric equipment of combine harvesters and agricultural machinery.

  • Block of diodes БД-1, БД-2-1, БД-5-1 are designed for elimination of pulse noises and protection of the commuted devices from self-induction currents.

  • Block of diodes БД-1, БД-2-2, БД-5-2 are designed for electrical isolation of control circuits and for “OR” logical operation execution.

Main characteristics:

  • Reverse current: at back voltage 300Vnot more than 150 micro A

  • Forward voltage at forward current 0.3A not more than 1.5V

  • Average lifetime: 10 years

specifications БД-2


specifications БД-5


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