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Reed sensor of level


Reed sensors of level ДУГ-01, ДУГ-01А



  • The sensorsare designed for cross-plugging of DC circuits in the agricultural machinery’s signaling system for indication of bulky materials in containers which size exceed the sensor’s size and where bulky materials form a cone, namely in grain combine harvesters and seeders’ tankers.    

Main characteristics:

  • The sensor consists of a case with sealed contact reed relay inside it and movable holder with magnet. The state of the sensor’s built-in contact is defined by bulky material level near the bottom of the sensor and can be:  

          - «CLOSED», when the bulky material level is above the sensor’s bottom;

          - «OPEN», when the bulky material level is under the sensor’s bottom.

  • Climatic modification is О under ГОСТ 3940 Russian State standard.