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Policy of interaction with dealers

  • JSC "Plant" Radian "successfully interacts with producers of agricultural machinery, and with trading organizations throughout Russia and CIS countries
  • Along with the production of high-quality and demanded products, the success of SKIF's promotion depends on the high qualification and quality of the services of the dealers. These services consist, first of all, in consulting, proper installation and customer service. Only dealers, according to our convictions, are able to offer to the final consumer not only quality products, but also complete integrated solutions. Therefore, in our work we rely on the help of qualified Dealers and fully trust our partners.
  • JSC "Plant Radian" develops a dealer network in Russia and CIS countries, and offers special conditions for further cooperation with wholesalers, dealers and other interested organizations.


Policy implementation SKPK "SKIF"

  • We think and act in a new way!
  • The production potential allows us to realize our ideas!
  • Using SKIF systems, you can ensure 100% control of planting and get a high yield!

The policy of interaction with dealers and representatives

  • We strive to provide the most comfortable interaction RADIAN-DEALER-CUSTOMER!
  • We do not limit the territory and sales areas, but we recommend them!
  • We do not limit prices, we recommend them!
  • We are always near the dealer and the customer!


Goals of creating a dealer network

  • - Ensuring maximum availability of products manufactured by JSC "Plant" Radian ".
  • - Ensuring the end user (consumer) confidence in the reliability of the products and production systems of JSC "Radian Plant".
  • - Maintenance of serviceable and uninterrupted working capacity of products and systems both in warranty and post-warranty period.
  • - Elimination of the emerged malfunctions in the shortest time at the fault location and analysis of the failed products.
  • - Ensuring such technical and financial interaction between the CLIENT-SERVICE-RADIAN, so that everyone is happy and proud of each other.
  • - Informing permanent and other customers about the upgrades and innovations introduced and implemented at JSC "Plant" Radian ".
  • - Forming proposals for the modernization of already manufactured products, or the creation of new products based on communication with end-users.


The advantages of working with our company are:

  • Dealer prices
  • Profitable terms
  • Operational consultation on all emerging issues
  • Provision of warranty spare parts
  • Execution of orders in the shortest time, reservation of goods in the warehouse and organization of shipment
  • Providing the dealer with timely information on changes in the company's assortment and pricing policy
  • Support of advertising materials, exhibition samples, provision with all the necessary methodological, reference and information products
  • Placement of information about the dealer on the sites of the company JSC "Plant" Radian ".


 How to become a dealer "Radian Plant"?

  • Dealer can be a legal entity of any form of ownership or an entrepreneur who carries out its activities without the formation of a legal entity that meets the requirements of the company.


Requirements for potential dealers:

  • 1. OBLIGATORY training of specialists of service departments and sales managers at the annual seminar on the territory of JSC "Plant Radian." We provide the possibility of training in regional offices with the departure of our specialists for the conduct of unscheduled training
  • 2. The presence in the staff of employees who will be entrusted with the implementation of the sale of goods and qualified service specialists who have installed, commissioned, and serviced the seed control systems.
  • 3. Availability of office, exhibition hall, warehouses.
  • 4. Readiness to conduct an advertising policy coordinated with the plant, take part in specialized exhibitions.


The main principle of the dealership policy is the principle of honest and transparent partnership relations.

  • Dealer activity is carried out on the basis of the dealer's agreement concluded between the Dealer and JSC "Radian Plant", which stipulates the mutual obligations of the Parties and other conditions of commercial relations.


If a decision is taken to assign a Dealer status, then in relation to the applicant company:

  • 1. Staff training is conducted
  • 2. A certificate for the right to install and maintain seeding systems "SKIF"
  • 3. The Dealer Agreement is concluded
  • 4. A package of information materials is provided..


 Dealer discount

  • The size of the dealer discount is set by the manufacturer individually. Annually, according to the results of the sales volume of the current year, the dealer discount is revised for the next calendar year.


Duties of the Dealer

  • - To search for new consumers of the Producer's products, disseminate information about the Producer's products, and arrange with the new consumers contractual relations for the supply of the Producer's products.
  • - Observe the manufacturer's recommended pricing policy.
  • - Actively carry out independent promotion of the Producer's products:
  • - Obligatory placing on the main page of the site information about the product, logo, valid link to the manufacturer's website;
  • - Presence in the office of the company of samples of products and information materials;
  • - Organization of advertising events in the region.
  • - To take part in seminars conducted by the Manufacturer for dealers. Participate in discussions on clarifying the dealership policy.


Duties of the Manufacturer

  • - To ship the products to the dealer in the agreed assortment and quantity, in accordance with the contracts and specifications for special dealer prices.
  • - Carry out a single policy for all dealers in accordance with this Regulation.
  • - Provide the Dealers with exhaustive information about the products (commercial, advertising and technical).
  • - Provide advice on the technical features of the product and on new products.
  • - Notify the Dealer of changes in the characteristics of the product or its price no later than 10 days before making the relevant changes.
  • - To conduct training seminars for Dealers on technical features of products and on new products - at least 1 seminar per year. When conducting seminars, consider clarifying the dealer policy in the regions.
  • - With the participation of the Dealer in the work of a regional exhibition or seminar, ensure the Dealer:
  • - presentation file (if necessary),
  • - promotional materials (in agreement with the Dealer),
  • - technical and information support, if necessary, with the departure of a specialist.
  • - Provide corporate advertising support to the Dealer:
  • - place the details of the Dealer on the corporate website of the Producer in the corresponding section
  • - publish the details of the Dealer in product catalogs and advertising sheets used by the Producer when working at exhibitions in the Dealer region.


Final provisions

  • At the end of the year, based on the results of the joint activities, the Manufacturer decides on the possibility of concluding the Dealer Agreement for the next calendar year. The Dealer Agreement can be terminated in cases where the Dealer has violated its terms or the Dealer's policy of JSC "Radian Plant"

More detailed information on the terms of the dealership agreement conclusion you can get from the regional managers. Ask your question by phone: 8- (865-7) 2-65-93, 2-65-95.