завод радиан

356300, Russia, Stavropolskiy kray,

Aleksandrovsky, Aleksandrovskoe, street Promyshlenny, 2

reception +7 (865-57) 2-65-95, e-mail: zavod@radianzavod.ru


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Servise and support

The policy and purpose of creating service centers.

  1. Ensuring the confidence of the end-user (consumer) in the reliability of products and systems manufactured by JSC "Radian Plant".

  2. Ensuring the serviceable and uninterrupted operability of products and systems manufactured by JSC "Zavod" Radian "both in the warranty and post-warranty period.

  3. Provision of such technical and financial interaction of the CLIENT-SERVICE-RADIAN, that all were satisfied and proud of each other.

  4. Increase in the sale of products and systems manufactured by JSC "Plant" Radian ".

  5. Informing of permanent and other customers about modernization and innovations introduced and implemented at JSC "Radian Plant".

  6. Carry out analysis and out-of-order products in the field and troubleshoot in the shortest possible time.

  7. Forming proposals for the modernization of products already manufactured, or creating new products based on communication with end-users.