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Reed switch sensors of minimum level


Reed switch  sensors of minimum level  ДМУГ-210, ДМУГ-210А


  • The sensorsare designed for cross-plugging of DC circuits in the agricultural machinery’s signaling system for indication of oil level below the acceptable value.  

  • The sensor consists of the brass tube with built-insealed contact reed relay and floater

  • When the oil level decreases the floater moves down and closes the sealed contact reed relay contacts, generating the impulse the signaling system.

Main characteristics:

  • Climatic modification is О under ГОСТ 3940 Russian State standard

  • Nominal current – 24V

  • Sensing range from the tank top – 205 -215 mm

  • Isolation electric strength, actual testing current value – not less than 220V

  • Commuted current – not more than 0.3A

  • Monitored temperature of ambient environment (oil) -  -40°С +120°С