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GloNash navigation system


The GloNASH navigation system for parallel driving and task management is a unique domestic development that suits for both a small farm and a large agricultural holding.

- seed drill and spraying control

- parallel driving

- shift-daily tasks

- online data uploading

- SMS update

GloNash - is not only a navigator with manual and automatic driving, but also a machine operator’s task planner with remote control functions. While working in the field, the machine operator sees on the tablet screen a list of started and completed tasks, and the quantity of the work performed, and the dispatcher can send online through the GloNASH Web cloud service new tasks to the machine operator and monitor their implementation.

The use of the GloNASH system allows to:

- increase labour productivity by 15–20 %;

- reduce the consumption of fuel, mineral fertilizers and plant protection agents by 5–10 %;

- improve the quality of work and working conditions of machine operators;

- improve the manageability of the equipment fleet, especially in large farms;

- save valuable data on the work performed in the field and control the progress of work and analyze its implementation through the cloud service.


The GloNash navigation system is integrated with the SKIFT04/T06 and SKIF26/28/30 seeding control systems.

The system notifies the machine operator of constantly changing sowing parameters directly on the navigation screen. The driver can response to an abnormal situation in a timely manner and take action to eliminate the problem. Upon completion of the work, all the operation parameters can be synchronized with the GlonashWeb cloud service. Thus, all the actions of the machine operator can be analyzed later, and the quality of his work can be assessed.