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SKIF - 28 system is designed to monitor the all technological parameters of wide-coverage pneumatic seeders. It can be used together with monitor, manufactured at JSC Zavod Radian as well as together with other control and navigation systems of other enterprises.


System’s main purpose:   

  • To be used in the wide-coverage pneumatic seeders with width more than 11 m


  The system monitors:      

  • seeds passing to the coulter through two independent grain pipes

  • availability of the seeds and fertilizers in the 3 feeders of seeder

  • the seeder’s 2 vents rotary velocity

  • dosage devices shafts rotation

  • seeder speed

  • acreage planted

  • integrity of connection circuit of seeds pass sensors (DPP)

  • voltage in electric circuit and connection to the feed circuit 


 Information available:

  • number of clogged coulter

  • number of coulter with faulty seeds pass sensor

  • seeder speed

  • acreage planted (Ha) and time from operation start

  • acreage planted (from acreage counter reset)

  • seeder running shaft rotation stop

  • seeds level drop on each feeder of seeder below the preset level

  • the seeder’s 2 vents rotary velocity

  • tractor circuit voltage drop or system’s circuit break in case of accident. In this case visual and sound signaling turns on 


 Three different types of monitors are offered to display information about the sowing process at the buyer's choice:


  • МP22 monitor with two-line LCD display. Information is presented in the form of text and pictograms.


  • Мonitor M8.2 with a graphic LCD display size 100x33 mm. Seeding quality information is provided in the form of pictograms and text messages. 


  • Моnitor "Agro Navigator+". Graphical presentation of information on a 7.8-inch color display. 


Additional options:

  • possibility to work properly in wheel track setup mode after imputing into its memory the numbers of wheel track coulters

  • possibility to connect a remote tachometer to show the rotary speed of the vent near the engine


Quantity of monitored coulters:

  •  up to 240 (120 x 2 lines)

Тypes of seeders and sowing complexes:

  • Wide-coverage seeders with width more than 11 m  Agrator Disk, Hatzenbichler, Lemken Soliter and others


SKIF-28 recomended install to: