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SKIF -17 sowing control system is designed to monitor grain seeder’s and tractor’s technological parameters.

The system monitors:

  • sowing machines’ dosage devices shafts rotation

  • seeds passing to coulters¹

  • Attention! Important information!

  • functionality of seeds pass sensors and their connection circuit integrity¹

  • seeds level drop in each feeder of seeder¹

System’s information available for operator:

  • number of coulter with faulty seeds pass sensor

  • number of clogged coulter in “CONTROL” mode

  • seeder running shaft rotation stop

  • seeds level drop on each feeder of seeder below the level of sensor location  

¹ The system is also able to monitor the seeds level in feeders and  dosage devices shafts rotation, but is not able to monitor seeds passing to coulters.


Seeds pass sensor

  • It is designed to monitor the seeds and fertilizers pass to the coulter through grain tube in mechanical seeders. To be installed in the grain tube together with joining.

Magneto-sensitive sensor (ДМ):

  • It is designed to monitor the rotation of dosage device running shaft. To be installed near the running shaft.

Sensor of seeds level in feeders (ДФА):

  • It is designed to monitor the minimum level of seeds in feeders. To be installed directly on seeder feeder. 

SKIF-17 recomended install to: