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SKIF -30 system is designed to monitor the all technological parameters of pneumatic seeders with a possibility to monitor the relative seeds flow (with installed new generation sensors FS-5)

System’s main purpose: 

  • To be used in the large-size pneumatic seeders


The system monitors:  

  • sowing machines’ dosage devices shafts rotation

  • 2 vents rotary speed (rpm)

  • seeds lowest level in 3 seeder’s feeders

  • grain pipes condition of two independent sowing lines (for seeds and fertilizers)

  • relative seeds/fertilizers flow in each grain pipe

  • FS-5 seeds pass sensors connection circuit integrity

  • voltage in electric circuit and connection to the feed circuit 

  • condition of the system integrity and proper functioning  (line break, sensors fault, etc.)

 Information available:

  •   dosage device shaft rotation stop (10 seconds after stopping)

  • seeds flow drop below the preset minimum level though one of the coulter (“Coulter is clogged” signal)

  • vents rotary speed out of the preset limits

  • fault in the electrical circuit of the seeds pass sensors

  • fault of feeders and vent sensors

  • bad contact in the circuit of connection of system to the tractor circuit

  • tractor circuit voltage drop below 11V or  system’s circuit break in case of accident. In this case visual and sound signaling turns on. 

 It is possible to customize:

  • minimum relative flow for each line

  • data processing (in-situ/log-counting)

  • time period for pass sensors numbers displaying in “SOWING” mode

  • time period of alarm message displaying, etc.


 Additional options:

  • possibility to work properly in wheel track setup mode after imputing into its memory the numbers of wheel track coulters

  • agronomical navigator mode after changing of the standard monitor to "Аgronavigator plus" monitor.


Quantity of monitored coulters:

  • up to 250 (150 in one line)


  FS-5 sensor:

  • Sensor’s method is acoustic one. The sensor is fastened properly on the grain pipe and catches the acoustic vibrations when seeds pass through the grain pipe. 

  • The sensor detects properly the wheat seeds passing through the grain pipe as well as the granules of fertilizers and other crops seeds: from rape to pea.

  • Sensor multi-purpose housing allows fastening it on grain pipes of different diameters: from 25 to 42 mm. 


 Тypes of seeders and sowing complexes:

  • Seeders with more than 90 coulters : Amazone, Morris, Gherardi, John Deere, Hatzenbichler, Lemken, HORSCH ATD  and other.

SKIF-30 recomended install to: