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The overlap valve of the coulters of the KPS

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The main application of the coulter overlap valves is the laying of the technological track.

  • the KPS valve assumes the overlap of only the seed ducts

  • the unique connection design allows the valve to be connected to seed ducts with internal diameters of 24-26 mm and 30-32 mm.

  • the control of the overlap valves is carried out from the tractor cab using the track control unit of the seeder BUKS

Traditionally, it is considered that sowing at the end of the rut should stop along the entire width of the seeder. Is it right?

And if the field has a wedge-shaped, rounded or triangular shape? How is sowing conducted if there are power lines, gas fields, forest edges in the field? In this case, how should the seeder work at the end of the rut?

The wider the grip of the seeder, the larger the wedge-shaped areas are sown twice or not sown at all. Omissions contribute to the growth and development of weeds and lead to a decrease in yield. Double sowing means increased seed consumption and reduces the area of plant nutrition, which leads to crop loss. The ability to turn off the seeder in order on the turn lane or wedges has significant advantages.

This is what the automatic Row Control system can help with - the ability to turn off and turn on rows or coulters of the seeder, which, with the help of navigation equipment, evaluates at what point the seeding should turn on or off on each row of the seeder.

The use of this technology will save from 1%* of seeds on rectangular fields with an area of 100 hectares to 5%* on complex fields of smaller areas. To implement such a direction, you can use the KPS coulter overlap valve, navigation system and valve control system (BUKS).


* The calculation was made for a seeder with a width of 6 m. With an increase in the width of the seeding machine, the saving of seeds also increases.