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Agronavigator plus

Aгронавигатор Smart.png

Аgronavigator plus can be used as a monitor in the SKIF -26/28/30 control systems.


 Ones it is connected the following options are available:

  • control of quality of sowing (possibilities of SKIF system)

  • recording of quality of sowing

  • parallel driving control (agronomical navigator mode) with one monitor (touch screen, diagonal 200 mm)

Parallel driving with precision:

  • 0.04-0.05 m in off-line mode with GLONASS/GPS receiver

  • 0.02-0.03 m with DGPS corrections from integrated GLONASS/GPS

  • 0.005-0.01 m with RTK correction from GLONASS/GPS receiver


Agronavigator  plus possibilities:

  • parallel driving and declination from preset tracking control

  • tractor speed displaying

  • acreage plated/non planted counting

  • sowing quality parameters control* (SKIF system);

  • spraying device control*

  • sowing parameters or spraying device recording*

* In case of connection of additional blocks