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SARМАТ sowing machinery control system

The system is designed to monitor the mechanical seeder’s basic parameters. It monitors all connected sensors of seeds level and dosage device shafts rotation irrespective of their quantity.

Attention! Important information!

SARМАТ system is the simplified version of SKIF-17 system. It does not monitor the seeds passing in the grain pipes.  SARМАТ system can be updated up to SKIF-17 system with monitor change and seeds pass sensors installing.

The system monitors:

  • sowing machines’ dosage devices shafts rotation

  • seeds level drop on each feeder of seeder 

Information available:

  • sowing machinery’s shafts rotation stop

  • seeds/fertilizers level drop on each feeder of seeder

Additional options:

  • possibility to be updated to up to SKIF-17

  • counter of operating hours

Magneto-sensitive sensor (ДМ):

  • It is designed to monitor the rotation of dosage device running shaft. To be installed near the running shaft.


Sensor of seeds level in feeders (ДФА): 

  • It is designed to monitor the minimum level of seeds in feeders. To be installed directly on seeder’s feeder.

SARMAT recomended install to: